Echoes of Greece: Morias premiere

Join us for a transcendent evening where ancient inspiration meets contemporary expression. Experience Tom Smail’s latest masterpiece, ‘Morias’, in Athens. 

To view the above orchestral performance with audio, please visit “Full Riace Bronzes” on Youtube.



138 Pireos Street, Athens


Benaki Museum

Date & Time

15 October 2024, 20:00



Discover Tom Smail’s ‘Morias’ inspired by Greece

Join Tom Smail, renowned composer, on a journey to the heart of Greece with his latest creation, ‘Morias’. Set to premiere in Athens this October, ‘Morias’ is not just a piece of music; it’s a reflection of Tom’s deep connection with the Peloponnese, inspired by its breathtaking landscapes and the vibrant fusion of its ancient and modern cultures. This chamber piece for large ensemble (five strings, clarinet, three percussionists and the traditional Greek santouri) is an embodiment of Tom’s personal transformation through his Greek experiences. From his first visit to Pelion in 2011, to making a home near Kardamyli, Tom’s journey is interwoven with the essence of Greece, culminating in this poignant and powerful musical exploration. 

Be part of a memorable night in Athens

The concert at the Benaki’s Pireos 138, a celebration of Greece and Tom Smail’s music, promises to be an unforgettable evening. It will not only feature the world premiere of ‘Morias’, but also performances of two of Tom’s other works, a little music from Byron’s era (to tie in with the bicentenary of his death) and contributions from celebrated artists, including actor Simon Callow. We are grateful for the involvement of the Benaki Museum, the British Embassy and the Niarchos Foundations’s UCLA Center and eagerly look forward to collaborating. However, only the Niarchos UCLA Center is actually providing financial support (by funding a Los Angeles concert at Schoenberg Hall in autumn 2025). We have yet to secure funds for the evening in Athens. In addition to this we are seeking Tom’s commission fee for the writing of Morias. (Budgets can be provided on request.) By supporting this project – the commission itself and the concert – you are becoming part of a cultural legacy that bridges past and present, honouring the spirit of Philhellenism and the enduring influence of Greece on art and life. 

The benefits of being a sponsor

Your generous donation will be a significant contribution to a prestigious Anglo-Hellenic cultural event.
If you are commissioning Morias, your name will appear on the score and in the programme and your act of patronage will forever be associated with a contemporary classical composition, an inspiring and memorable celebration of Philhellenism that will be performed around the world.
You will receive a signed copy of the score and a recording of the concert.
Names of contributors sponsoring the evening will appear in the programme and you will receive a copy of the recording of the concert.
You will all receive free tickets to the concert for you, family members and friends.
We will host you at a dinner on the night of the concert with Tom Smail, George Manginis (Director of the Benaki), Simon Callow, Zoe Zeniodi and selected musicians.


Thank you for your support
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